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Wheels Up Wellness is taking off!

My theme for 2021 is “Deepening Relationships” and my Consulting and Seminars are focused on bringing Wheels Up Wellness™ to Aviation businesses. This work concentrates on reducing the damaging effects of physical and mental stressors from work-related flying.

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Happy, Healthy Holidays!

The Holidays are always a time for increased gratitude and I am immensely thankful for all of you. After months of changes in how we spend time with one another and move through daily life, 2021 stands before us, a beacon of light and hope.

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Creating Your Fall Harvest

We have an abundance of late Summer and early Fall produce at this time of year in Farmer’s markets, grocery stores and health food markets. I like to encourage people to eat seasonally. By that, I mean try to eat what’s grown in this country and your state right now.

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Your Summer Self-Restoration

Summer can be a great jumping-off point to give yourself more time and space for body, mind, and soul connection. Connecting deeply within yourself and your source of wellbeing can bring you many gifts, such as the ability to quieten your mind when you start to get anxious or uncomfortable. Being able to focus on completing a task, an exercise class, or a project you’re working on can come from being able to step away from the protective impulse to quit whatever that activity is and do something else.

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Happy July! Are You Experiencing Improved Health from Being Homebound?

We’ve had many changes this Spring and Summer as COVID-19 has become part of our lives. You might be enjoying newfound health successes in spite of this unwanted intruder being around. Perhaps you’re feeling better from eating at home more. Maybe you’ve committed to sleeping more than you were previously. Perhaps you’ve started a new

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Your Independence and Freedom Through Better Health

While I was making my smoothie over the recent July 4th weekend, it occurred to me that there is a powerful parallel between our choice to exercise our own personal independence and choosing health as a high priority, leading to freedom through Wellness. Isn’t that exciting?! You can choose better health each day, versus simply

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