Hi road warriors, Dr. Mary Warren here with Road Warrior Wellness.

Hey, it is Thanksgiving Day week and we’re traveling. I’m here at another one of my favorite airports, Dallas Love Field. And I am traveling with my sister and brother-in-law, having a great time. And having a little tea warmer. We’re about to have a bite and we’re going to be having some chicken and vegetables to keep it light and keep it digestible. So keep it all really good.

You know, I’ve always told you, pack extra vitamins, pack extra undergarments. I hope I won’t need them. We’re coming home on Saturday, we’re going to have a really great time.

And people often ask me, hey, what do you think about Thanksgiving? And they want to hear me like clamp down on Thanksgiving. And you know what I always tell people, it’s a day, it’s a holiday, it’s a meal. Enjoy it. Eat. Enjoy your family, your friends, whoever you’re with, and have a great time and get back on track. All right, Road Warriors, I’ll see you soon.