Road Warrior Wellness FAQ


How can you meet our organization needs?2019-04-22T21:12:12+00:00

I speak on four topics I’ve found to be of greatest support in transforming the health of organizations to better meet and exceed their wellness goals.

What type of speaking do you enjoy the most?2019-04-22T21:12:25+00:00

I like breakouts, ½ day workshops and keynotes.  I have lots of fun leading panel discussions and M.C.’ing events, as they give me opportunities to connect people, topics and information, making it enjoyable to learn and stimulate change around wellness.

Are you entertaining?2019-04-22T21:12:38+00:00

Absolutely!  Everyone wants to enjoy themselves while learning and processing information and no one wants finger wagging when it comes to things we could or “should” be doing.  I love engaging people to be involved during my sessions and have fun with the ideas of improving wellness.

Are you easy to work with or demanding like some speakers?2019-04-22T21:12:46+00:00

My client’s success and ease of events always come first.  I focus on making sure the Meeting Professional feels comfortable with me, my presentation, AV needs, participant interaction and timeframes.

What will our audience participants walk away with?2019-04-22T21:12:57+00:00

Tools and ideas to make easy upgrades to everyday choices that will provide better health, energy and resilience.  These improvements translate to higher productivity and lower healthcare claims for the client.

Where can we expect our attendees to be 30 days after your presentation?2019-04-22T21:13:06+00:00

By taking simple steps every day, your members will feel and look better, brighter and more productive in the workplace and at home.  These changes lead to longevity and true wellness.

What do you offer in addition to speaking for us?2019-04-22T21:13:30+00:00

Consulting that maximizes your organizational health and wellness, resulting in improvements in healthcare claims, time out for illness, member retention and productivity.

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