Holiday Travel

It is the holiday season and Thanksgiving was probably for many of you a superspreader event. A lot of people have gotten sick. So, today we’ll go over a couple of pointers and tips for you for nasal rinses because it is amazing what you can clear out in the entire respiratory tract if you focus on getting nasal rinses done, particularly with an antimicrobial solution.

A  couple of options

There are a couple of options for nasal rinses. The first one is to do at home because it’s a whole lot easier there. It’s a dilution of colloidal silver and sea salt. Take your measuring cup and put two or three grinds of good, high-quality sea salt. You can use an ocean salt or Himalayan. Use two or three grinds or a couple or three shakes and then put hot water in the bottom of your measuring cup that will dissolve that salt. Then fill the rest of a half cup of water. Add one dropper full of colloidal colloidal silver. Put that into the half-cup solution of water and sea salt, and then pour that into your neti pot.

This is best done over a sink. Pour the neti pot up one side of the nose, and the solution will come out the other nostril. And then switch to the other side and let gravity work. Do that twice and that will take care of an entire half a cup of your colloidal silver and sea salt solution.

For those traveling, nasal sprays can be much easier. Manuka Honey, a medical grade honey has allergy oriented nasal rinses that are very easy to use and easy to travel with. Just give it a little shake and then spray up one nostril and then the other. For the spray, close up the opposite nostril. When done clean the top and put the protective top layer back on. And that’s it. Easy to travel with.