Wheels Up Wellness is taking off!

My theme for 2021 is “Deepening Relationships” and my Consulting and Seminars are focused on bringing Wheels Up Wellness™ to Aviation businesses. This work concentrates on reducing the damaging effects of physical and mental stressors from work-related flying.

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International Flight Attendants Day

Living in Dallas for 24 years has given me many opportunities to know and work with flight attendants. In fact, one of the biggest clinical gems I’ve learned was thanks to a 40-year American Airline flight attendant! She had been struggling with elevated cholesterol levels for years and lives a remarkably healthy lifestyle for flying

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Stay Healthy While Traveling

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfgxo1irH28 Want to stay as healthy as possible while on the road? Dr. Mary Warren discusses tips you can use on every trip to ensure your body operates at its best. The Foundational Four: Water - Drink water to pump your lymphatic system. Nutrition - It's all about the B.A.C.O.N. (Butter, Avocados, Coconut oil,

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