You might have read my recent article on choosing a New Year’s theme instead of taking on New Year’s resolutions or adding more goals to your To-Do lists. Having a theme can be more supportive and give you the ability to grow and expand without some of the typical expectations or objectives.

My theme for 2021 is “Deepening Relationships” and my Consulting and Seminars are focused on bringing Wheels Up Wellness™ to Aviation businesses. This work concentrates on reducing the damaging effects of physical and mental stressors from work-related flying.

Join me in the coming weeks as we bring Wellness to these Aviation sectors: Air Cargo/Freight, Defense Contractors, Air Medical Transport, Business/Corporate/Private and Commercial – Passenger.

Thank you for following my videos and articles, your positive responses, and for sending those who might benefit from this information to me as I broaden my reach from 25 + years in clinical practice to an industry that both fascinates me and needs healthy supportive care.