Healthy Breakfast on the Run

As we embark on our journeys, whether for business or personal reasons, it's essential to prioritize our well-being, especially during busy travel days. Today, I'm excited to share with you one of my favorite travel hacks that has revolutionized my mornings on the go: the power-packed breakfast snack pack. Join me as we delve into this simple yet effective strategy for staying nourished and energized during our adventures.

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Creating Your Fall Harvest

We have an abundance of late Summer and early Fall produce at this time of year in Farmer’s markets, grocery stores and health food markets. I like to encourage people to eat seasonally. By that, I mean try to eat what’s grown in this country and your state right now.

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Your Independence and Freedom Through Better Health

While I was making my smoothie over the recent July 4th weekend, it occurred to me that there is a powerful parallel between our choice to exercise our own personal independence and choosing health as a high priority, leading to freedom through Wellness. Isn’t that exciting?! You can choose better health each day, versus simply

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Your Health and Resiliency

Since we are currently experiencing an uptick in the cases of COVID-19 in Texas and a number of other states, I thought it might be helpful to discuss what you can do to stay strong, resilient and healthy. You might have read last week’s article on your health and immunology. We know the basics of

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International Flight Attendants Day

Living in Dallas for 24 years has given me many opportunities to know and work with flight attendants. In fact, one of the biggest clinical gems I’ve learned was thanks to a 40-year American Airline flight attendant! She had been struggling with elevated cholesterol levels for years and lives a remarkably healthy lifestyle for flying

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The Art of a Good Night’s Sleep – Part 2

Are you sleeping better? Perhaps you have made some improvements to your bedroom or hotel room if traveling, creating a better sleeping environment for yourself after reading my first article. I hope to inspire you to upgrade your quality of sleep by a simple adjustment or two. Remember, the goal is to drift off to

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