Does October bring back memories of fall for you? I love it when the heat starts to subside and we can finally think about wearing something besides shorts and sandals! Remember when you were young and the stores were selling fall fashions for Back to School? New clothes always made going back to school more fun for me. How about you?

You may not have recently returned to class or have children back in school, however, I bet there are some areas of your health you might want to improve. Perhaps you’ve gotten bored with your exercise routine over the summer. This is an ideal time to try a new class or find a different walking partner. Our bodies like variety and physical change-up. You may already know I’m a fan of cross-training for that reason. If you’re a runner or walker, your neurology likes taking different paths. Try weight training once a week and Yoga or a dance class twice a week. Sensory input to your Central Nervous System, the brain and spinal cord, really drives the bus. I like to say that this vital system is simply an elegant two-way street. What goes in (Sensory) affects what comes out (Motor). A+ information going into your body also sets the stage for many high-level physical functions, like digestion, immune function, lymphatic flow, and circulation. Over the last several months, I’m sure you’ve thought about the importance of what you’re giving your body for healthier immune function. We hear a lot these days about Neuroplasticity, your Nervous System’s ability to adapt and change as needed, and to stay resilient your entire life. A+ information dramatically impacts your unique Neuroplasticity.

Everything we do has the capacity to become A+ information. Of course, there are lower grades, but ask yourself, don’t you really want to put A+ information into your body? This high grade of input can be obtained from drinking filtered or spring water, green tea and omitting soda’s and specialty coffees. A+ information can be eating a clean/anti-inflammatory diet, with occasional indulgences. Another type of high-level information is sleeping 7-8 hours each night. And last, exercising each day keeps your joints strong and flexible, sending A+ information directly into your spinal cord and brain for healthy balance, cognition, and musculoskeletal function.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself more energized during the fall months and enjoy the shorter days and more angular sunshine, after the long summer days. I invite you to gently review your health this fall and be honest about going back to the classroom for new information. It’s never too late to learn or adopt a healthy new pattern to maximize your wellbeing. Your body is the ultimate classroom and can give you fantastic grades as soon as you focus on your best health!