Shelter in Place – is it making you feel antsy, addle-brained or anxious?

Change your perspective and re-gain inner confidence by building your Immune strength. Stress relief is one of the best ways to improve your health and Immunity.

  • Go outside! Sit in the sun. Wash your car. Go for (another!) walk in a different direction.
  • Call or video-chat with someone who is a good brain-stormer that will give you new ideas.
  • Think about “Post-COVID-19.” What would you like to be different in your life?

Re-boot your thoughts, fears and beliefs about:

Your Personal Health – set 1 new goal for yourself. It might be something like, “improve seasonal allergies.” Then research 3 ways to do this differently from past attempts.

  • Reduce common dietary offenders – wheat/corn/soy/dairy/sugar
  • Investigate homeopathic seasonal allergy formulas for your area/region
  • Dust and clean areas of your home where you spend most of your time

Public Health – determine one new way to keep yourself healthy when back on the road. Perhaps something like, “I’ll carry wipes to use on the plane and in my hotel room.”

  • Find a convenient type of wipe packaging that works for your travel needs.
  • Create a new strategy for using wipes: seatback trays, arm & headrests, all buttons, knobs on the plane; TV remote and all handles in the hotel room.
  • Investigate your preferred airline or hotel for new policies and cleaning updates. This will help you feel more confident when you get back on the road.

How to Safely Get Back out There and Live Your Best Life Post-COVID-19 – use this time to dream about what you want in your life that hasn’t been there yet and go for it!

  • Maybe it’s a new job. Get out there on LinkedIn and other professional social media to promote yourself – obviously, update your credentials first.
  • Perhaps your relationship could use a little TLC with all the togetherness. Make time to sit and discuss dreams and goals together; so powerfully uniting!
  • Perhaps a new professional step is in your future. Be strategic and set your goals and create a plan. Bring in someone else good at this if you need help.
  • You might want to explore a new hobby or interest you’ve been pushing away for lack of time. Now might be the ideal time!

Transformation and renewal – this is what Spring is all about. By boosting your Immunity you will simultaneously be lowering your body’s stress levels. You’ll sleep better, feel brighter and look better!