Hi Road Warriors! Dr Mary Warren here with Road Warrior Wellness and Wheels Up Wellness, and last time we spoke I was getting ready for a little vacation and now I am headed home.

I’m at one of my favorite airports in British Columbia and it’s been a great time to get out of the summer heat in Dallas. I hope all of you are having a good summer and staying well rested and hydrated because it is so important, as we all know.

Replace Minerals to Stay Hydrated

I’ve been using a lot of Celtic Sea salt this summer in my drinking water for mineral replacement, especially when traveling. It’s so easy to be dehydrated and to have a mineral or an electrolyte imbalance so this is a good way to easily keep yourself on track. I would highly recommend that you put a pinch of sea salt into your drinking water.

Good Sleep is Key

Something you can do when to ensure good sleep is to make sure that you turn off all the light that you can in your hotel room. I always put objects in front of little light-producing items,  like I hide the clock radio and I put the big three-ring binder with the hotel information in front of the microwave so that I don’t have that light shining. There are always little doodads that have bright red lights and blue lights and green lights, so I carry little adhesive stickers to cover those up as well.

I try to get myself as well rested as possible and one of the things I learned back a number of years ago from a pilot was that even if you don’t have your own big clips to take with you to clip the shades or the drapes together you can use the hanger clips from the hangers out of the closet. Those work really well to clip or clamp the drapes together so that you’ll not have the light peeking through your drapes.

And then you can just roll the towel up to place at the base of the door. A lot of times hotel doors have way too much light coming through them.

Stay hydrated, stay rested, and keep eating those good salads when you’re traveling to keep it all light and easily digested.