Yes, it’s the Holiday time again! How does this happen so quickly? Many of us will be traveling for business and vacation during this time of year. Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to look and feel better when you arrive at your final destination.

First: get yourself ready to go before you board that plane or get in the vehicle. Think in terms of book-ending your trips with healthy patterns that build you up, as travel can tear down your health.

  • Hydration is key to feeling your best and looking good, so get in the habit of drinking half your body weight in ounces each day of spring water or good, filtered water.
  • Eat a veggie-based diet with wild fish and pasture-raised poultry and/or beef. This is an anti-inflammatory type of diet.
  • Pack shoes that you can use for walking or working out, like sports sandals or clogs if you don’t want to pack cross-trainers. They can double as slippers too.
  • Get plenty of sleep – 7-8 hours each night.

Next: when traveling, balance and maintain yourself – minimize compromise!


  • This must be a conscious and consistent choice to keep a bottle or glass of water near your hand! Water is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to feel better almost immediately.

Food and beverages

  • When flying – eat simple food and snack choices, salads and open face sandwiches (minimize the bread). Spicy food/snacks can easily upset your stomach with the increased cabin pressure. Figure out what works for you. Alcohol has a “doubling effect”, so if you order a glass of wine while flying, it’s as if you are really drinking 2 glasses, due to the altitude and lowered metabolic oxygen. Your best choices are to drink water and green tea and minimize alcohol, salty foods, simple carbs, sweets and treats.

Wardrobe choices

  • Pack and wear loose, comfortable clothes and shoes that will allow for some swelling if you are flying. This includes socks that will give you a little extra room in your shoes if needed. Travel with a pair of loose fitting shoes to accommodate cabin pressure related swelling. Untie shoes and or loosen shoes. Wear looser fitting bras or comfy sports tops to allow more comfort and avoid tightly fitting clothes and belted apparel. Avoid eating salty foods when traveling. Again, drinking lots of filtered water will help you maintain or recover.


  • Be consistent and get 7-8 hours every night. The first night can be difficult to sleep well, as you’ll be in a new environment and bed. Minimize alcohol consumption and have a protein snack before bed time like a hand full of raw nuts. Alcohol tends to drop healthy blood sugar levels during the night and can awaken you. Sleep keeps you healthier by supporting good digestion, resilient joints and blood sugar balance, restores immune function and helps regenerate adrenal function (stress hormone glands).

Exercise and movement

  • Do something every day: walk, yoga, treadmill, exercise in your hotel room, etc. Keeping yourself in motion will reduce swelling and inflammation, thus keeping you healthier. You’ll feel sharper and more confident when you feel more fit. All motion feeds and fuels the brain by putting A+ information into your nervous system.

After your trip: recuperate, replenish, be gentle for 1-3 days. Focus on re-building and re-instituting those good health habits — remember the other side of the bookend theme.

Leave time to enjoy the season. Find ways to rest your throat and voice. Herbal teas, throat wraps using oils in a warm towel and diffusing essential oils are soothing ways to nourish your voice and throat. A walk, reading or a cup of tea with someone special can be rejuvenating to your heart and soul.

Happy, Healthy Holidays!