We’ve had many changes this Spring and Summer as COVID-19 has become part of our lives. You might be enjoying newfound health successes in spite of this unwanted intruder being around. Perhaps you’re feeling better from eating at home more. Maybe you’ve committed to sleeping more than you were previously. Perhaps you’ve started a new exercise regime or video series.

If you’ve recently gotten on a better path to looking and feeling the way you want to – congratulations! I hope you’re making gradual and wonderful changes in your life as a result of understanding how good it feels to feel good.

If you haven’t considered a “Buddy System,” think about it. If you take on a Health Partner, you could have a Wing-Woman to go to Yoga with, or a Wing-Canine to get you out for daily walks. Your Health-Partner could be a friend, sister, husband, partner, mate, dog or neighbor. Make it easy and you will increase your success-ratio. The key to all new healthy habits is simplicity and sustainability. I’ve created a cheat-sheet below to help you accomplish your new goals.

My emphasis is always on getting good at the basics:

  1. Drinking water – strive for half your body weight in ounces each day.
  2. Eating three meals a day and some healthy snacks – try to balance complex carbs, good proteins and fats.
  3. Set a bedtime and keep more consistent hours of sleep – 7-8 a night.
  4. Find exercise and body movement you really enjoy and do it 3-5 times a week.

The following plan will help you get organized. Check the boxes that apply to you now. Keep this checklist where you can easily see it and use it.

  • Setting a Plan into Place

    • Q&A sessions with your Health Partner for understanding and growth
    • Stay engaged and require accountability of yourself
      • Touch base at set times/dates with your Health Partner on your goals
  • Your Daily Diet

    • Meal planning sessions with your Health Partner for brainstorming new ideas
    • What are you willing and not willing to go without?
    • What is realistic?
    • How much do you need to change to start?
      • Take educational trips to grocery/health food stores, farmers markets
      • Learn to buy, create and cook simple, healthy meals/snacks
      • Learn more about how food can provide nutritional support
  • Your Physical & Emotional Stressors

    • Define what support is in place and what could be improved
    • Get your Health Partner involved to support your weak areas
    • Review past sports/interests to help establish realistic/sustainable programs
      • Movement, both active and restorative
    • Ergonomics -position of your seat, keyboard in your workplace, home, driving
    • Learn better ways to sit, stand, walk and sleep
  • Steps to Take and Follow Up Actions

    • Establish easy to achieve steps to accomplish daily/weekly/monthly goals – one step at a time as you create better habits
    • Keep a progress log during this period, being honest with yourself about how you are doing, changes in habits, etc.
    • Stay engaged and require accountability of yourself
      • Touch base at set times/dates with your Health Partner on your goals
    • Re-assess periodically and celebrate your successes!

I’ve found that simple works! Set yourself up for success by taking on just a few things at a time, not the whole checklist!

Enjoy some time by the pool this summer as you improve your quality of life. Get plenty of rest and stay active. You’ll thank yourself this Fall and during the Holidays for creating healthier habits.
Stay happy!