• What if you could improve your health even while traveling?  I’ve been working with people that want to be healthier for 25 years using dietary guidance, nutritional, herbal and homeopathic supplementation.  About 10 years ago I started seeing more people and their spouses that travel for work– this inspired me to develop and trademark Road Warrior Wellness™!  Knowing what simple steps have cumulative and positive effects can help you feel better and live a quality life.  This interactive Handbook will guide you through healthier choices, self-assessment and handy checklists to make healthier traveling easier.
  • Our goals for this Guidebook
    1. Explore a simple approach to improving your wellness
    2. Deepen your knowledge of nutrition, as it relates to the dietary portion of your unique health and wellness culture
    3. Expand your comfort with shopping, cooking, eating for all the right reasons – primarily to extend the quantity of your life, while expanding the quality of your life!
    In the interactive pages of this guidebook we hope to educate and motivate you to take healthier steps to become happier, more vibrant people.  Each chapter has a self-quiz or checklist.  This Guidebook is written to be fun and enjoyable!  Whether you begin having fewer digestive issues, sleeping more soundly or simply start looking better, you will know that your efforts are paying off handsomely for you!

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